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Disability Employment Services


Through outreach, advocacy and employer education we enable disability inclusion in companies and organizations in Ontario.  We are committed to raising the profile of people with disabilities by assisting our clients prove their value to Employers through job placements, mentorships and internships.

Since we  incorporated in 2007, Community Outreach Canada has successfully created employer networks and job opportunities for people with disabilities. Many employers have opened positions and made accommodations for employees such as ramps, furniture and fixtures, signs, technology and more.
We bring positive change in our clients’ life by addressing employer concerns, such as:
  • People with disabilities that lack skills and can be a liability to their business
  • Lack of training to manage persons with disabilities in a workplace
  • Accommodation are expensive and will add to the business costs.
We maximize job opportunities for our clients by ensuring:
  • Employer access to resources needed to provide a healthy work environment
  • Wage Subsidy options through small grants for paid internships
  • Disability awareness and accommodation workshops
  • Consultations with employer to determine the most appropriate accommodation
  • Job trials to assess a candidate's skills and abilities to perform job duties.
At Community Outreach Canada we help organizations tap into a pool of hidden talent and job-ready candidates. Our experience shows that trusting and long-lasting partnerships are only achieved by understanding our partners’ business needs. We accomplish this through internships and job trials which give employers a chance to change their minds about a candidate with disabilities for a full-time role.  Moreover, our Employment Specialists assist both parties in resolving issues that might arise during the trial period and during the course of employment which ensures employee retention as well as:

How Our Services Benefit Employers 

  • Reduces recruiting costs – the internship program offers access to a highly motivated and skilled candidate pool
  • Uncovers fresh perspectives—students with disabilities very often offer new viewpoints and stimulate creative problem solving
  • Motivates employees - people with disabilities are enthusiastic and equipped with knowledge and skills required in their field of specialization
  • Offers an opportunity to “test out” interns to make sure they are a good fit and consider hiring the individual in the future
  • Assists with completion of special projects - interns are eager to learn and will assist the company to complete special projects, which would otherwise go undone
  • Increases access to minority candidates – our services assist employers in implementing affirmative action or diversity programs by providing access to qualified minority candidates
  • Provides exposure within the community - organizations who provide internship to students with disabilities are viewed as more socially responsible.

Connecting with our Clients

As a Job Seeker with a disability, you will want to connect with an organization that offers support in your job search.  Our experience shows that people with disabilities have skills. They can work and want to work  and that everyone's path to employment is different. As long as the potential candidate is earnestly seeking employment, we can help you secure that job. Our services are focused on helping to prepare you for part/full time work or start up your own business.

Services We Provide
Job counselling, job placements, internships for students with disabilities – helping our clients prepare for work and/or find a job that is right for them.
We use assessment tools that provide information about the type of work you want to pursue.  The assessment tool helps us understand your key motivators and career related accomplishments, this allows us to determine:
  • Clients’ skills level, competencies and interests
  • The right match in various industry sectors
  • Clients’ best option - part-time job, full-time job or telecommuting
  • Clients’ suitability for self-employment
Job retention – Helping our clients keep their jobs
  • Providing or arranging for coaching or on-the-job training
  • Helping with the cost of software and mobility devices, tools and equipment
  • Arranging for ASL interpreter services, transportation, assistive devices, and training to use them
Self-Employment Support - for clients who want to start their own business
If you are interested to pursue self-employment, you should meet with our Self-employment/Business Consultant who will assist you with the application form and provide information about the requirements of the program. Once accepted into the program you will be working closely with him/her to develop your business plan, launch and market your business until it becomes economically viable.
For more information contact:
Community Outreach Canada
2100 Markham Road, Unit 305
Toronto ON M1H 3N7
T. 416 271 9916  F. 437 800 0911
Skype: corCANADA
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